Leather goods and footwear

ISER Srl produces and processes fabrics intended for the most varied applications in the sectors of leather goods and footwear. The wide range of generic fabrics includes different satins ideal for leather goods including: soft satin, viscose and cotton satin, nylon satin, heavy viscose satin and heavy polyester satin.

Even the Jacquard fabrics have different applications both in leather goods and in the footwear sector and ISER Srl offers jacquard fabrics that are different both due to composition, from 100% polyester to 25% Nylon/75% Viscose, and due to patterns.

In addition, the textile company of Rogeno produces and sells canvasses and twills for leather goods, including polyester taffeta, ideal for small leather goods and normal or heavy twill fabric. Ideal for small leather goods are also the grosgrain, viscose nylon, viscose or viscose/cotton fabrics.

In the same family of products, ISER Srl also produces grosgrain type fabric, also widely used for small leather goods. Finally, various types of moiré fabric are available with iridescent effect obtained by way of a special calendering in the finishing phase, both in heavy taffeta and in drawn viscose fabric.

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