ISER Srl is a company that has produced high quality fabrics since 1878.

A successful example of Made in Italy entrepreneurship which, since it was founded by Antonio Ratti in Rogeno – a small town in the province of Lecco – has grown to assert its brand worldwide.

In the 1940s, it specialised in silk production, creating fabrics made from synthetic, artificial and natural fibres to be sold in various sectors, such as:

Iser Tessuti - Iser Tessuti abbigliamento
Iser Tessuti - Iser Tessuti Pelletteria
Leather Goods
Iser Tessuti - iser tessuti Scarpe
Iser Tessuti - Iser Tessuti articoli tecnici
Technical Items
Iser Tessuti - Iser tessuti chi siamo
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ISER Srl boasts a vertical production process that ranges from weaving to dyeing, finishing, printing, resin coating and bonding.

Its production capacity reaches 70,000 metres of fabric per day meaning that the textile company of Lecco is able to complete major jobs at all times of the year.

The quality of the fabrics, the experience and history of the brand, its innovation and constant investments in research and development make ISER Srl a company leader in the production of fabrics from synthetic, artificial and natural fibres and an ideal partner for professionals in the fashion, footwear and leather goods sectors and for manufacturers of technical items.